Welcome to The Eye Spy Milk Bar

Hi There and welcome to The Eye Spy Milk Bar.

This is my first post and I look forward to sharing my passion for design, style and creativity with you.

The Eye Spy Milk Bar blog is the beginning of my new business and I’m excited to share my finds and inspire you.

So how did this all come about? Well after 7 years working in the PR, Marketing and Advertising industries across a range of fashion and lifestyle brands, I was exposed to the wonderful world of style and design. Fashion PR stole my heart for many years, taking me on a journey of gorgeous clothing, fashion parades and showings, photoshoots, media launches and endless piles of glamorous magazines. I met so many amazing people in this time from fashion designers, magazine editors, stylists, TV personalities and celebrities.

Whilst I loved the fashion industry, I started to develop a strong passion for the home- from interior decorating and design to shopping for homewares and furniture. With an inbox overflowing with design inspiration on a daily basis and home magazines knocking on my door each month, I knew I had to set out on a new adventure and follow my passion. From here, The Eye Spy Milk Bar was born.

The Eye Spy Milk Bar blog will bring some delight to your inbox, sharing with you the lovely things in life. From gorgeous homewares, fabulous interiors, cool new cafes, amazing recipes (including delicious gluten free options) and Q & A’s with celebrities, stylists and editors.

I hope you enjoy the journey. Stay tuned for The Eye Spy Milk Bar online store opening soon.

Have a fabulous day x

Check out The Eye Spy Milk Bar HQ below.


All images are taken by Katy Thomas.


11 thoughts on “Welcome to The Eye Spy Milk Bar

  1. Katy this looks so beautiful! I love being inspired by gorgeous blogs & I’ve already added yours to the ‘weekly read’ list!! So excited to see what you have to share XO

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