I wanted to share with you my vision for The Eye Spy Milk bar and how this little business idea came about. I’ve always been a keen collector, a design enthusiast and a creative queen with a passion for home decorating, DIY and everything in between. I’m inspired by the world around me and I often see the potential and good in things that some people might otherwise dismiss. Like the $10 rustic wooden side table from the country that my husband was insisting I leave behind, yet when we got this little gem home, touched up with a lick of paint, everyone was raving about it! I have a vision to share with you my finds, capturing the lovely things in life.

I’ve always been surrounded by creative and inspiring people. My Mum has always shared a passion for creating a warm and happy home and my Dad is the talented man behind the gorgeous homewares and furniture pieces available through The Eye Spy Milk Bar. My home is a gallery of Dad’s work, inspiring people who come through the doors, requesting a special piece for their home. In a world where so many things are made overseas, it’s refreshing and unique to bring the handmade in Melbourne element to life. His work shed in the backyard is home to his creative space, where he spends hours hand crafting and designing beautiful pieces.

The Eye Spy Milk Bar blog is designed to share inspiring images and capture the world around us. The online space has allowed the ease of borrowing, reposting or sharing an image from another blog/ website, yet it’s my aim to share with you my own images, taken by me in an honest and natural way. I hope you enjoy them.

This week I’ve been busy crafting. Check out the pics below.

Have a super fun weekend x

Image source: Katy Thomas


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