Well I finally have some images to share with you of our new picket fence. This is no ordinary picket fence, but a special one, handmade by my Dad with the assistance of my husband, Mum & I. After receiving numerous quotes that seemed beyond ridiculous for such s small little fence, Dad decided this was a job he could definitely tackle. So after a few trips to Bunnings we were all set to demolish the existing, not-so-pretty fence and build a beautiful new picket fence for our home.  I never thought I would be so happy and excited about a fence, but when it’s handmade by someone special, it’s so rewarding to see the end result. Not to mention, I do love a bit of DIY!

Have a lovely weekend x


Getting rid of the not-so-pretty fence~

The new pickets go in~

Add a touch of primer~

AFTER- Give it a final coat of paint and our little picket fence is complete!

If you have any before and after images of your house please send them through.

Image source: Katy Thomas


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