I have to admit, I love a mood board- An organized place to store inspirational words and document styles, trends, colours, patterns and designs. Since starting this blog back in September, I’ve used my mood board as a reference point to look back on. I find it is so beneficial to be surrounded by positive influences and this includes motivational quotes and words to inspire the day ahead. Being an avid collector I keep sentimental cards from friends, postcards I find on my travels and an ever growing pile of glossy magazines. This collection of delightful treasures help to inject colour and enthusiasm into my walls, defining a space that is bursting with inspiration.

What inspires you? x

Image source; Katy Thomas



  1. Hey beautiful girl…love the inspirational words for a Friday. Keep them coming. Hope you are feeling well and all is going fabulous. You are fantastic!
    Love you heaps and have a brilliant weekend ☺ xxx

    With Kind Regards,

    Marilena Madlener

    Account Manager | Voyager Distributing Company | 143-157 Cardigan Street Carlton Victoria 3053
    t.+61 3 9347 8888 | d.+61 3 9349 8654 | f. +61 3 9347 8663 | m. 0412 235 960 |

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