This week I wanted to share with you a gorgeous homewares shop in Paddington, Brisbane- Happiness Place. The mother-daughter duo behind this happy little place is Lorile Cunningham and Stephanie Rooke who are very dear friends of mine and I’m so proud of their colourful journey. I look after the PR for Happiness Place and as you can imagine, it really is a dream job working with such gorgeous girls and amazing products! So let me tell you a little about this delightful destination.

Happiness Place is a colourful wonderland. Enter the doors of this gorgeous Paddington homewares store and you’ll be treated to a delightful mix of exuberant colours and a fantasy land of fabulous treasures for your home.

Happiness Place encourages everyone to live colour beautifully. The talented girls behind this business scour the world for one-of-a-kind treasures including homewares bursting with colour, unique and beautiful gifts, gorgeous artwork, exquisite stationary and vivacious, one-off furniture pieces.

With an exclusive product range sourced predominantly from the US and UK, all of their delightfully happy products aim to brighten up your life or the life of someone you love. Bursting with sparkles and sequins, splashes of colour and exotic prints, you’ll definitely fall in love with the gorgeous products on offer.

I caught up with the very talented girls behind Happiness Place to talk colour, homewares and design inspiration.

What is the vision for Happiness Place and how did it all come about?

From as early as I can remember, our home has always been distinctly awash with colour. Mum’s love of bright and happy surroundings naturally passed onto me, and as we both lived in the US and UK respectively, we started to spot and find all sorts of beautifully unique and colourful things that were not available in Australia. So essentially, Happiness Place is an extension of our own homes and travels. Our vision is for people to come into Happiness Place and feel inspired to bring colour and sparkle into their homes and lives.

Which 5 words best describe Happiness Place?

Colourful, Warm, Invigorating, Homely and Beautiful

What can people find when they walk through the doors of Happiness Place?

Everything from a Mad-Hatteresaque, hand-crafted ceramic table created by UK artist Mary Rose Young, stunning floral cushions edged with multicoloured pom-poms, beautifully framed vintage style prints from the deep south in the US, kalediscopic tablecloths trimmed with tassels, beautiful one-of-kind chairs reupholstered in peacock and floral fabrics, candles encrusted in glitter and cards that will have you howling with laugher. 

Happiness Place is a colorful wonderland. Which colour are you loving at the moment and why?

We are currently having an intense love affair with delicious, gelati style colours – lolly pinks, lemons, minty greens and creamy lilacs. We love them because not only are they outrageously pretty, but they are the perfect way to introduce colour into a room without being too garish. They are happy, refreshing and easy to work with. 

What advice would you give to people decorating with colour?

Don’t be afraid! People often come into the store and say ‘I love it but I wouldn’t know where to start!’ but you can easily bring colour into a room with smaller pieces that pop (e.g. cushions, photo frames, vases). It’s actually surprisingly less challenging to choose pieces that will contrast and highlight as opposed to finding something that will perfectly match or blend in – the more personality a room has, the better!

On that note, we’re also very excited about Happiness Place Designs which will be opening in May – we’ve just been over in Atlanta, London and Paris where we found exquisite fabrics, trims and wallpapers that will be available to clients who are looking to ‘happy up’ a room or piece of furniture. Everything we ordered has started to arrive, so Mum and I have spent the better half of this week ripping open boxes squealing with lust and excitement!!

How would you describe your home decorating style?

Happiness Place version 1.0

What makes you happy?

Sequins and sparkles, sunshine, fresh flowers, puns, the smell of a baking cake, pom-poms, flamingoes and peacocks, writing/receiving beautiful hand-written cards and making sure our outfits match the shop. 

So if you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous gift with a difference, then look no further. The Happiness Place girls make this shopping experience so delightful, offering a beautiful and oh so divine gift wrapping service, you’ll be back to spoil yourself very soon!

So on your next trip to Brisvegas, make sure you check it out or jump online now and enter this colourful wonderland.

Address: 181 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD

Store phone number: (07) 3367 3114

Website: http://www.happinessplace.com.au

On that note have a very HAPPY weekend xx

Image source: Happiness Place


2 thoughts on “A VERY HAPPY PLACE TO BE

  1. Hey gorgeous,
    How funny I just came across this store flicking through a magazine at the hair dresser on the weekend and here you are writing about it! I instantly fell in love with the look of their store. We need one in Melbourne – any chance of that?

    Hope you are well sweets and I miss you very much xxx

    With Kind Regards,

    Marilena Madlener

    Account Manager | Voyager Distributing Company | 143-157 Cardigan Street Carlton Victoria 3053
    t.+61 3 9347 8888 | d.+61 3 9349 8654 | f. +61 3 9347 8663 | m. 0412 235 960 |
    e. marilenam@voyager.com.au

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