Ok, don’t get me wrong, designing a neutral nursery was a lot of fun (especially when you’re obsessed with all things white)! However it’s been bucket loads of fun injecting gorgeous colours into little Cleo’s room. I love with pretty pastels and pops of colour, so this week I’ve been busy adding some cute little touches to Cleo’s nursery (with the help of my very handy Dad!).  Inspiring and fun prints from The Eye Spy Milk Bar Etsy store, a framed handwritten card from a gorgeous friend and Cleo’s first handprints make for one happy little wall. I couldn’t stop there so I decided to breathe some new life into our living room wall too! That’s a home full of happy little walls!

A nursery is the perfect place to add a splash of  happy and inspiring words on the walls~

Cleo's nursery 1Cleo's nursery 3

Shop The Eye Spy Milk Bar ‘Dream big little one‘ & ‘Hello my dear‘  prints now~ www.etsy.com/shop/TheEyeSpyMilkBar

New additions to our living room wall~

Lving room crop

Image source: Katy Thomas


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