This week I wanted to share with you bucket loads of kiddie cuteness! My old work friends at Jeanswest have just launched their super cute kids range, Jeanswest Jnr aimed at the little tackers aged 6months to 4 years of age. With Cleo fast approaching the 6 month mark you can imagine how excited I am about this adorable collection. I’ve always been a huge fan of kids clothing and since having a little a girl, our morning ritual of getting dressed is like one big game of dress ups! Jeanswest Jnr helps celebrate everything about “kids being kids” through playful, on trend and practical clothing.

Thanks to the amazing team at Jeanswest, Cleo has been treated to some super cute new outfits! She can’t wait to wear her sweet little spotty denim dress on her next play date and her denim shorts and summer tees will definitely come in handy when we hit the beach tomorrow up in QLD. The icing on the cake of this super cute range is the extremely affordable price tag! What’s not to love?!

Shop the new range now- http://www.jeanswest.com.au/kids.html


A couple of months back, our home (& my 35 week bump) were featured in the Jeanswest maternity campaign. For anyone in need of some great maternity jeans, these guys are seriously amazing and it means you can still wear a great pair of jeans whilst pregnant. Who would’ve thought, but thanks to a very comfy elasticized waistband, you and your bump are well looked after. These guys have just won the Mother & Baby Awards ‘Maternity Fashion Brand of the Year‘ so it seems I’m not the only one who thinks they’re fabulous!

It’s hard to believe that little Cleo Bella was 5 weeks off entering the world here (excuse the awkward selfie)~


Image source: Jeanswest


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