This week I wanted to share with you my workspace inspiration. A year ago I set out on a new adventure and launched The Eye Spy Milk Bar blog.  A little wooden desk and a colourful moodboard quickly became my happy place to sit and write.


As time went on, it was easier to sit at the kitchen table and spread out. Whilst this allowed me more space, it also meant that funny little line between ‘work‘ and ‘play‘ was becoming very blurred.

Dining table

So with The Eye Spy Milk Bar slowly taking over our living/ dining room, my latest project is to create a new workspace.  I’m hoping to keep the same style, just enhance the size, therefore allowing more room to spread out to my hearts content.  I’ve been playing around on Pinterest recently and I’ve had so much fun researching creative workspaces. I’ve put together a little snapshot of my inspiration~

Creative workspace

Image source

Design chaser

Image source

home office

Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source: Unknown

To see more of my inspirational boards head over to Pinterest now and follow me~

Have a lovely weekend x


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