Okay so despite the mega American cheese factor, it’s a day to celebrate all things ‘love’ for both young and old. It’s a day that’s defined by loved up cards skating off the shelves quicker than you can blink, florists being sent into a tizz selling a zillion bunches of flowers to blokes who have no idea what they’re after and shops selling bucket loads of goodies to target our soft and emotional side. It seems Valentines Day is one of the only days where true emotion really takes over our purchases!

Yet despite all of this hoo ha, I’m happily embracing a little incy touch of the Valentines Day spirit. My little helper this week appeared to be enjoying it too! x


Whilst Valentines Day is just one day, Little Miss Neon Heart is here to stay (for a little while longer anyway). Visit the ETSY store here to place your order now so you don’t miss out.

Here are a few little love quotes to enjoy on V Day. Have a fab weekend xPerfectfab2It wasIloveyoumoreLoveq1CupcakesALL

Image source: Katy Thomas

Perfectly Fabulous

It Was Always You

I Love You Most

William Shakespeare

I Love You More Than

Love Is All You Need


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