This week-

  • I’ve had at least 10 coffees
  • Posted 3 blog posts
  • Spoke to 5 inspiring people for an exciting new feature on the blog
  • Worked on 1 fun little side project
  • Received x 3 custom made orders
  • Purchased the ‘I Quit Sugar’ cookbook  then ate an ice cream
  • Enjoyed x2 play dates in the park
  • Ate my way through 3 delightful lunch catch ups
  • Went for 2 walks
  • Missed Yoga
  • & lost endless hours on Pinterest & Instagram!

I’m happy it’s Friday! It’s been one inspiring week with some exciting new things on the horizon. Details will be revealed shortly. In the meantime here’s a little inspiration for your Friday.

Have a lovely weekend x

HappyMake today countDream bigInspire

Image source: Katy Thomas


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