I’ve recently come across the amazing work of Claire Falkiner and have been blown away by her talent! Claire is the creative mind behind Merci Perci- a collection of artwork inspired by headpieces worn by tribes around the world. Claire creates her own ‘fictional interpretation using a mixture of painting, drawing and collage’, hand painting each one to create a unique piece of artwork. One look at these delightful pieces and you’ll be looking to take one home straight away! Bursting with colour and embracing a love of patterns, Claire’s work is beyond inspiring. Claire started Merci Perci five years ago as a little side project whilst still working in the fashion industry. This creative outlet allowed her to ‘design prints and embroidery to graphics and paintings’. Having converted her second bedroom into a light filled studio has allowed Claire to spread out and create her works of art on a full time scale. So where did this super cute name for the business come from? It appears Claire’s fluffy little friend ‘Percival’ the bunny was the main inspiration.

Claire very kindly opened up the doors to her creative space to let us have a little glimpse into the exciting world of Merci Perci.

I asked Claire what inspires her most about this space-

“I am lucky enough to be able to work from home in our spare bedroom that I have turned into a studio space. I love the big bright windows that give me beautiful natural light but also find myself getting distracted watching everything going by outside! I have my computer next to me to play music as loud as I please. It’s a great creative space for me whether I’m painting or designing on the computer and best of all my husband lets me make it as messy as I like! :)”

Claire is one lovely, talented and inspiring girl and her artwork is set to create a’wow’ factor on any wall. Love your work Claire x



Image source: Abbie Davis


Instagram: @merciperci_




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