Today I’m very excited to share with you the very inspiring creative space of Briar Stanley- the talented lady behind Sunday Collector. Briar is a Sydney based interior decorator and loves ‘the thrill of sourcing furniture and decorating beautiful spaces’. It’s no surprise then that her own home is bursting with beautiful pieces, lovely details and a super fun style. I’ve been following the Sunday Collector journey through her gorgeous Instagram page and I’ve been inspired by Briar’s amazing creative talents through her blog. If you love interior decorating and DIY projects, then this is definitely worth a peep for your daily dose of inspiration. Briar is one talented lady, who in between sourcing gorgeous furniture and decorating beautiful spaces is Mum to the super cute little ‘Sunny’. Briar very kindly opened up the doors to her creative space to let us have a little glimpse inside the world of ‘Sunday Collector’.

So what inspires Briar most about her creative office space~

I have always found a mood board a handy inspiration tool for everything –  from styling a wedding to decorating a baby’s nursery. It’s a great way to quickly communicate your thoughts visually to a client too. A moodboard enables me to illustrate visually the direction of style I invariably end up pursuing. Or, it can be just be simply something visually pretty and inspiring –  in the case of me having a more permanent pegboard, one in front of me at my workspace.’

office1 office2 office4 office6 office7

Two of my favourite images from Briar Stanley’s home~ Sundaycollectorhome Sundays room

Image source: Sunday Collector/ Home images photographed by Ellis Parrinder


Instagram: sunday_collector


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