I’m beyond excited to share today’s creative space with you. I came across the work of these gorgeous ladies a little while ago and have been watching their super cute business take off in high flying form.

TASSEL+GAINE is the brainchild of Fleur Harris and Laine Fraser. After meeting a few years ago whilst working together at one of Australia’s biggest retailers, they instantly ‘clicked’ and found their ‘creative partner in crime’. They shared a mutual respect and admiration for one another’s work and from here a super creative partnership was formed. Both designers have years of experience creating artwork and product for the global market, so when the two joined forces, it was sure to be a winning combination.

 TASSEL+GAINE was born from the ladies ‘mutual appreciation for quality over quantity and the ongoing desire to produce fashion forward product for the home at an affordable price’. These super talented ladies take care of everything at TASSEL+GAINE, including the design, production, styling, photography, web development, marketing and even the accounting. They’re into getting stuff done and having ‘a tonne of fun along the way’. This vibrant energy is clearly evident in their work, with colourful pieces designed to provide an effortless and affordable way to turn your house into the home you love, with cleverly designed art and product to suit a range of styles and spaces.

I was intrigued to find out the inspiration behind the name and it appears a little brainstorming session, bouncing around ideas lead Fleur to initially come up with TASSEL+GAINE. It has a fun and playful ring to it and also shares a personal meaning for both of them (which they’ve managed to keep a secret so far!).

So it’s no surprise the creative space of TASSEL+GAINE is bursting with colour, full of inspiration and a place to have a ‘tonne of fun’. These ladies absolutely love creating mood boards and surrounding themselves with their artwork. The process involves painting a heap of trial swatches, drawing up a bunch of different patterns and textures, then cutting and pasting like the good old kindergarten days! ‘We love being hands on and trying new things with our designs – challenging ourselves to try new things and step outside of our comfort zones enables us to continue to grow and evolve our aesthetic’.

The next range sounds very exciting as the ladies embrace a tonne of fun with marbling inks and fluid acrylics. I can’t wait to see what these two come up with next! So today’s little piece of colourful advice would be to get to know these super sweet creatives.

The ladies very kindly opened up the doors to their inspiring workspace, to give us a little taste of the colourful life at TASSEL + GAINE. This is one place you’d love to be working from each day! I’d love to hear your thoughts x



Image source:  Photographer: Nikole Ramsay  & Stylist: Emma O’Meara





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