I’m Katy Thomas; I’m  a keen collector and a design enthusiast with a passion for interior decorating, DIY and everything in between. After many years working in the PR, Marketing and Advertising industries across a range of fashion and lifestyle brands, I was exposed to the wonderful world of style and design. Fashion PR stole my heart for many years, taking me on a journey of gorgeous clothing, fashion parades and showings, photoshoots, media launches and endless piles of glamorous magazines.

Whilst I’ve always loved the fashion industry, I started to develop a strong passion for the home- From interior decorating and design to shopping for homewares and furniture. With an inbox overflowing with design inspiration on a daily basis and home magazines knocking on my door each month, I knew I had to set out on a new adventure and follow my passion. From here, The Eye Spy Milk Bar was born.

The Eye Spy Milk Bar lifestyle blog launched in September 2012 and is a documentation of my style, an outlet for my creativity and a destination for all the lovely things in life. With a strong focus on home interiors, DIY projects and design, my aim is to share my own experiences and encourage you to feel inspired.

I hope you enjoy your visit x


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